TLT’s Table: Unbelievably Easy Chicken “Chilaquiles”

Well, it certainly pays to have a backlog of posts handy!  I just realized today is Cinco de Mayo but, fortunately, I’d already written about a Mexican recipe that’s so quick and easy I wanted to share it with TLT’ers.

It’s from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food website and it’s for Chicken Chilaquiles.  Here in Texas, we take our Mexican food seriously and these chilaquiles are entirely inauthentic.  But listen up:  You can put this meal together in 20 minutes and if your kids are like mine, they will love it. Who cares about authenticity now, right?

Basically you’re warming shredded rotisserie chicken in a Mexican-y sauce and then adding fun garnishes.  I made the recipe as instructed but used a fair amount more of the chiles in adobo than called for.  That said, my family (including my kids) is pretty inured to spice, so you may want to stick with the original measurements if you’re worried about scaring off the little ones.  I also substituted baked corn chips for fried, and instead of sprinkling with feta, I served the chicken and chips along with a bowl of shredded Mexican cheese (a mix of Colby and Jack), a bowl of guacamole, a bowl of additional chopped cilantro, and the sour cream.

Then I let everyone do their thing and here’s what it looked like:


Not a fancy company meal, to be sure, but when time is tight and you just need to get the job done, this is a good recipe to have in your family dinner repertoire.



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