The Lunch Tray’s First Giveaway (A Little After the Fact)

I know it’s common for blogs to stage giveaways and contests, but I’m still pretty new at this blogging thing and it’s enough of a challenge just to write two or three posts a day that you might actually want to read.

But this morning I was tooling around the Internet looking for a particular vintage school lunch poster I want for my home office.  

Then I realized you could have the same image printed on other items, and then I started playing around a little, and one thing led to another, and . . . behold . . .

A Lunch Tray refrigerator magnet was born!

So I was thinking . . . hmm . . . this little item is perfect for a giveaway, but what should the contest be?

And then I realized I actually just held a contest of sorts when I asked you to submit ideas for non-sugary classroom birthday treats.  I know you responded out of the goodness of your hearts (and not because of the oh-so-powerful inducement of a fridge magnet) but I’d still love to send one to “Visitor from FAS”and “We3Beans,” the readers whose ideas were selected by my daughter for her birthday today.  I’ll contact you both off line to see if you want to send me your snail mail address.

Wow.  This is kind of fun.  What can I give away next?

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