State Attorneys General Urged to Investigate School Food Rebate Issue

Close on the heels of Sodexo’s $21 million settlement with the state of New York for failing to properly pass on rebates and volume discounts to the school districts it serves, two assembly members in New Jersey have petitioned that state’s attorney general to investigate the same issue in New Jersey.

And Ed Bruske, former Washington Post reporter, now blogger at The Slow Cook and Better DC School Food, reports that a D.C. council member has asked the city’s attorney general to do the same with respect to DC’s food service management company, Chartwells.  (You’ll recall that Bruske himself was instrumental in exposing this issue with a groundbreaking blog post on the Better DC School Food site earlier this summer.)

My guess is that this is just the tip of the iceberg as cash-strapped school districts around the country question whether they may be owed money by their food service management companies.  I’ll keep you posted here.

[hat tip: Healthy Schools Campaign]

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