NEW PHOTO: Lean Finely Textured Beef, From A Different Point of View

I want to share with you a photo sent to me by an anonymous source.

Here’s a photo of Lean Textured Beef (aka “pink slime”) that’s been widely circulated in recent days by the product’s manufacturer, Beef Products Inc.

photo source: Beef Products Inc.

This is a photo of Lean Textured Beef as it purportedly appears in BPI’s plant.  I was told this batch was being held for pathogen testing:

If you’ve watched the film Food Inc., you’ve already seen LFTB in this grayer, block form, and if you don’t mind the unlabeled inclusion of the filler in your burger, the above photo is unlikely to change your mind.  But the two pictures are qualitatively different enough that I felt it was worth comparing the two side by side.

In my opinion, neither looks much like what most consumers think of as “100% ground beef” — i.e., ground chuck or ground round:


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