NEW (Free!) Classroom Junk Food Guide Is Now Available!

Teacher candy rewards. Weekly birthday cupcakes. Valentine’s Day celebrations that turn into all-out sugar orgies. . . .

If there’s one issue that drives most Lunch Tray readers crazy, it’s the steady flow of junk food in their kids’ classrooms. That’s why I wrote an entire book on the subject back in 2015, The Lunch Tray’s Guide to Getting Junk Food Out of Your Child’s Classroom. In it, I shared every bit of advice and resource I could think of to help parents address this pervasive problem.

My free guide has since been downloaded by thousands of people and I’ve been gratified by all the positive feedback it’s received. And now I’m so happy to share a second edition of the book! This revised version reflects:

  • New federal wellness policy rules which now require districts to set a nutritional standard for classroom food;
  • New federal dietary guidelines, which now offer recommended limits on added sugars in our daily diets; and
  • The American Heart Association’s release of its own recommended daily limit on added sugars, specifically tailored for children aged 2 to 18.

All of these new developments – and more – are discussed in detail in this second edition. The book has also been thoroughly edited and reformatted for what I hope is a more enjoyable and “screen-friendly” reading experience.

Here’s a little sneak-peek slide show. Pretty, no?

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Earlier today, I sent an email with a link to the second edition to everyone on TLT’s mailing list. But if you didn’t receive the email or aren’t on my list, just click here, follow the instructions to confirm your email address and then download your own copy!

One small caveat:

Most bloggers would charge at least a few dollars, if not many more, for a comprehensive, 50-page book like this one. I give my book away free of charge – crazy, I know! – and all I ask in return is that you sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter, Your Lunch, Delivered. (I never share or sell email addresses and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.)

For this reason – and consistent with federal copyright law – please do not physically copy the book or transmit electronically the PDF file or the download link. If you want to share the book with friends, teachers or school administrators – and I really hope you do! – just send them this link so they can get their own free copy:

Free Guide

Thanks so much for your cooperation, which allows me to continue to offer this resource for free. I hope you find the updated guide useful!  🙂

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