My McDonald’s Petition on “The Doctors” Talk Show!

Last week I told you I was leaving town to appear on an unnamed national daytime talk show to discuss my McDonald’s 540 Meals petition.  Now that the filming is over, I can fill you in on the details!

I was invited to appear on The Doctors, the daytime talk show produced by Dr. Phil. Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures from my trip:

Me and Pulin last fall, feeling very “Hollywood” before taping The Doctors talk show Heading to the studio….. Yikes! Freaking out right about now. My own dressing room! Pulin snaps a pic of me getting my make-up done. After the show.

And here’s a short video Pulin filmed right before the show started, giving me a chance to thank my 73,000 (now almost 75,000!) supporters.  I’m embarrassed to say I actually tear up a little in this video, but my feelings were heartfelt:

The Doctors episode on 540 Meals will air in about 2-4 weeks.  In the meantime, I want to thank the producers of the show for being such an incredibly nice (and calming!) group of people, and for giving me the chance to share my views about McDonald’s “nutrition education” on national television.

As soon as I have the air date of the episode, I’ll of course share it here.

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