Kids’ Health and Wellness Under Attack in Texas – Urgent Action Needed

I just received an email from the Houston ISD School Health Advisory Council on which I sit, alerting me to the fact that the Texas state legislature is presently considering a wide-ranging school accountability bill (HB400) which will weaken physical education standards in Texas public schools and possibly eliminate the state’s coordinated school health programs (which address critical issues like nutrition and health education, anti-tobacco education, student counseling, and more.)

Specifically, late last week the House passed an amendment to HB400 which would get rid of the “Fitnessgram” requirements for schools.  This means that student physical fitness would no longer be assessed, stymying efforts to improve student health in a targeted rational way.   There is also an amendment under consideration to eliminate coordinated school health programs and there is discussion of reducing physical education and health requirements.

Debate on these issues is going on RIGHT NOW.

Texas TLT readers — you need only click here to fill out an email already prepared for you by the American Heart Association that will be sent directly to your legislators.  It takes just a second of your time. Or, if you’d like to write your own email, visit this link to learn how to contact your legislators directly.

With skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity here in Texas, it would be unconscionable to turn back the clock on student health and wellness.

Thanks, all.

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