KID FOOD: Will You Take My (Short!) Reader Survey?

The title of my forthcoming book is Kid Food, and while it’s going to cover a number of different aspects of our children’s food environment, I am quite interested in the specific notion of “kid food” in our society.

So last week, over on this blog’s Facebook page, I tossed out a simple question: “When you hear the expression ‘kid food,’ do any foods immediately come to mind?” TLT readers responded enthusiastically, with answers that ranged from “those horrible little corn dog minis” to “anything pressed into a shape.”

Not trying to influence your answers – just a fun graphic!  🙂

But one dad also shared a story to which many of us could easily relate. He described how he was determined  from the start to feed his young daughter healthy food, only to have those efforts thwarted by daycare and by his and his wife’s busy work schedules, which made sitting down to a family meal impossible. Now, he reports with dismay, his daughter is “a chicken nugget, pizza, waffle kid. The Brown Food Diet, I like to call it. . . . It pisses me off…because I was determined to not let that happen. But here we are. It’s an endless battle and it’s extremely hard to undo once it’s done.”

Because many of you may have similar anecdotes — or just general thoughts on the subject of “kid food” — I decided to get (slightly) more scientific about this by creating this short reader survey. Your answers will help me make this book as relevant as possible to YOU, my TLT readership, and I’m eager for your input.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill it out!

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