I’m Currently on Book Leave . . .

In the post in which I excitedly announced here last spring that I was embarking on writing my first book, I asked myself rhetorically:

“How am I going to juggle writing a book, The Lunch Tray and articles for outside publications, all while raising two teens (one of whom is about to apply to college), getting dinner on the table every night and doing the odd load of laundry?”

To which safe cosmetics advocate Stacy Malkan, also the author of a super-informative book, replied on Facebook:

“From experience I’ll say you may need to totally clear the decks for a period of time. I tried to work and keep up my multi tasking when writing my book . . .  and ended up way past deadline and needing to stop everything – all work, extraneous conversations and even social activity (i didn’t have a family at the time) for about 4 months to get it done. Maybe that’s just me! ”

Well, Stacy, I’m sadly now able to report:


I’ve finally come to the realization, TLT’ers, that if I’m going to finish this book before my family goes on summer vacation (which isn’t the publisher’s drop-dead date, but my own personal goal), I have no choice but follow Stacy’s wise advice and put all other work on hold.

This means that unless something really newsworthy happens in the world of kids and food (and given our current administration, that could be very bad news indeed), I’m going to do my best to stay mum here on the blog. It also means that if you email me with any questions or concerns, it may take me a bit longer than usual to reply.

But I’m sure I’ll still kibitz on social media now and then, so I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter (where I generally try to keep it businesslike), on Facebook (where I love to engage with my readers on matters serious and silly), and on Instagram (where mostly I just post my own terrible food photography.  🙂 ).

One last thing:

I have been getting so much useful feedback and information for my book from two surveys I’ve been circulating: one asking you about the notion of “kid food” and your general thoughts about the role of junk food in your kids’ lives, and a second survey just for public school parents, asking your thoughts about school meals, a la carte snacks and on-campus food fundraisers.  So if you haven’t already done so, I hope you’ll take the time (just seven minutes for most respondents) to fill them out.

THANK YOU – and see you back here soon!



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