I’m Back From Book Leave!

TLT’ers —

After telling you in May about my first-time-book-author travails (“Eight Things I’ve Learned About Writing a Book“), I’m thrilled to report that I’ve finally handed in my manuscript for Kid Food! [Cue the band! Cue the balloon drop!]

It’s my own fault for taking it down to the wire (OK, OK, three months past the wire) but finishing the book means:

(a) I can now sleep past 4:45am — although I keep snapping awake at dawn anyway, and I have to restrain myself from walking, zombie-like, toward my computer;

(b) I’m able to interact with my family through more than inarticulate grunts and frantic waving to shoo everyone out of my office;

(c) We can actually eat home-cooked meals again — and yes, the irony wasn’t lost on me that the more time I spent writing about healthy eating, the worse our own diet became; and best of all . . .

(d) I can finally resume blogging on The Lunch Tray, which I’ve missed terribly.

Writing a book was a challenge, but one of the most enjoyable parts of experience was reading through all the responses to my Kid Food reader survey. I learned so much from your observations about raising children in today’s junk food world and many of your quotes will appear in the book. So to the almost 400 parents (and a few grandparents!) who took the time to fill out the survey — THANK YOU! And if I did quote you and you also provided your email address, I’ll send you a note when the book comes out next fall, including the page number on which your quote appears.

Thanks, TLT’ers, for sticking with me during this long absence!  I’m so glad to be back.




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