Fun In the Kid/Food Archives: “Smell Not of Thy Meat”

In today’s edition of “Fun in the Kid/Food Archives,” a few little gems of Colonial-era guidance on children’s table manners that I recently came across in my book research:

No dollar was ever better spent than on this ridiculous stock photo.

Make not a noise with thy Tongue, Mouth, Lips, or Breath in Thy Eating and Drinking.

Smell not of thy Meat; nor put it to Thy Nose.

Stuff not thy mouth so it fills thy cheeks; be content with smaller mouthfuls.

Sing not, hum not, wriggle not.

Apparently Colonial kids were also often expected to stand behind the table, rather than being seated, and were grateful to be fed whatever scraps the adults passed on to them. A far cry from children’s menus and a pack of crayons, right?

Have a great weekend, all!  🙂

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