“Eat, Laugh, Talk”—A New Resource for Family Dinner

Most of us have read about—and hopefully experienced first hand!—the many benefits of eating dinner together as a family. But even when we have the best of intentions, pulling off family dinner on a regular basis can be a real challenge for today’s busy families.

So I’m happy to tell you about a lovely new book that’s coming out on October 1st from the Family Dinner Project, a nonprofit that’s been championing family dinner for almost a decade. It’s called Eat, Laugh, Talk: The Family Dinner Playbook, and it includes everything families might need to make eating dinner together easier and fun, including 52 weeks of stories from real families, weeknight dinner recipes, conversation starters, games and more.

Here are two excerpted pages to give you an idea:

You can order the book here, and it’s nice to know that the book’s author proceeds will go directly toward supporting the nonprofit’s community programs for families. In connection with the book’s release, the Family Dinner Project will also be hosting a family dinner Twitter chat on October 7th at 8pm EST, using the hashtag #eatlaughtalkbook.


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