Dana Woldow’s School Food Reform Legacy — Now on TLT

Me and Dana in 2017.

This is a bittersweet post, TLT’ers.

As many of you know, I was a friend and mentee of the late Dana Woldow, a passionate San Francisco school food advocate. For two decades, Dana worked tirelessly to improve the quality of school meals in her own district and nationally, and to ensure that all children could have access to those meals without shame or stigma.

Some time around 2010 or 2011, Dana also created a website, PEACHSF (Parents, Educators & Advocates Connection for Healthy School Food), to generously share with other aspiring parent advocates everything she’d learned along the way. The site featured Dana’s concise and often funny essays about school food reform, as well as essays written by other experts—a reporter, a school nutrition director, and a former principal—who Dana enlisted in her cause.

After Dana’s too-early passing in 2017, her family eventually discontinued the hosting of PEACHSF on the internet. But as I was writing my appendix for Kid Food, in which I offer readers my curated list of helpful resources, I realized the appendix just wouldn’t be complete without Dana’s essays.

So I reached out to Dana’s husband and he kindly gave me permission to upload and share these invaluable materials on The Lunch Tray. And as of this morning, I’m please to announce that Dana’s PEACHSF materials are once again back on the internet. You can always find them using that link—or, in the future, by clicking on the “Resources” tab above, selecting the button that says “School Food,” and then scrolling down the page to “PEACHSF/Dana Woldow.”

While I was uploading Dana’s essays this past week, I also realized that my entire Resources section was sorely in need of an overhaul. So if you’re interested, please do check out the other sections found under the Resources tab: topics like “Family Dinner,” “Food Policy,” and “Lunch Box Packing”—for new and updated links.

I hope you find them helpful!


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