Back from My Blogging Break

Well, I’m back from my week off and although I didn’t accomplish everything on my (admittedly unrealistic) to-do list, it was still a restful time.

In going through the TLT archives to share interesting posts during my absence, I realized that there is seriously a LOT of stuff in there.   (I suppose that’s what you happens when you blog daily, or multiple times daily, for a year and half!)  So I think I’m going to keep that practice going — now and then sharing popular posts you may have missed — especially since the readership of this blog continues to grow and new readers are joining us all the time.  (Yay!  And welcome, new TLT’ers!)

While I was out, there were some interesting kid-and-food (or just food) news items worth knowing about (some of which I posted on TLT’s Facebook page):

  • an excellent New York Times magazine yesterday devoted to nothing but food and drink, including a lovely photo-essay showing family dinners around the country, and an interesting Q&A with Michael Pollan in which he answered readers food questions;
  • following Slow Food USA’s $5 Value Meal challenge, the White House is going to have its own low-cost family dinner initiative in the fall;
  • the Blog for Family Dinner initiative (B4FD) is now in full swing (my post will appear on 10/21);
  • [drumroll, please] school food blogger Mrs. Q, the anonymous teacher who ate the school lunch every day for a year, will reveal her identity (and launch her new book) in just one week; and
  • school food blogger Ed Bruske (aka The Slow Cook) just got back from Sweden and is doing an interesting, multi-part series on school food there.

In the coming week here on TLT, I’m eager to share a great guest post from a school food provider who really tells it like it is, and I’m going to have an announcement later in the week that I hope will be of special interest to Houston readers.Glad to be back!  🙂


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