A Great Food Education Blog: “Consume This First”

Last week I introduced you to the Wellness Bitch (on whom some of us now have a little crush – all that tough love, I suppose), as well as her guest blogger, Cat Dellet, who wrote a great post about the junk parents bring to soccer games entitled, Get a Grip, Soccer Mom.

Well, over the weekend I went to the Cat’s own site, Consume this First.  It purports to expose the ways that food marketers try to outsmart consumers so that readers can start “making food choices based on ingredients, ignoring front of label claims, and teaching our kids about advertising.”

As a former advertising and FDA regulatory lawyer for a huge consumer products/food conglomerate  (that’s right, I was the evil corporate weenie behind those “front label claims” inducing you to buy), I approached Consume This First with some skepticism, prepared for a lot of paranoia and misinformation.  But the site — though opinionated and clearly in favor of whole vs. processed food – is well researched and measured in its tone.

Consume this First has a section on Label Madness, which takes apart food labeling claims, as well as analysis of food-related news such as the recent salmonella outbreak in eggs.  It also has a Food for Thought section on hot topics like BPA and rBGH.  Like Fooducate, a blog I recommend for straight talk about processed food, Consume this First is another great resource for cutting through the noise.

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