A Food News Round-Up!

When I haven’t been blogging regularly, I like to share a round-up of interesting or important stories you may have missed:

  • Parents are failing to recognize obesity in their own children, resulting in a failure to seek timely intervention.  (New York Times)
  • Too many kids are walking around dehydrated, in part because of inadequate sources of water in schools.  (Take Part)
  • Chipotle is working to reformulate its tortilla, hoping to get it down to just four all-natural ingredients.  (New York Times)
  • Positive parenting skills influence how kids eat, according to a new study.  Dr. Dina Rose of It’s Not About Nutrition digs in to the findings.
  • Sally Kuzemchak, the RD and mom at Real Mom Nutrition, shares the nutrition advice that drives her nuts.
  • The FDA has effectively banned trans fat in our food supply, ordering manufacturers to phase out the heart-unhealthy ingredient over the next three years. (CNN)
  • Food Tank has just released its summer reading list, which is always a great source for the latest, best books on food and food policy.

Happy reading!  And later this week I’ll have an update on the continuing battle over federal school food standards — and what you can do to help protect them.

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